Why Choose Paddeco Third Party Certification?

If you currently use a third party certification provider (competent persons scheme), ask yourself these questions. Is the answer to every one, “yes”?

Is Your Third Party Certification Provider…

Correctly accredited with ISO/IEC 17024 which allows them to certify the person actually doing the job?
Assessing the competence of your operatives against National Occupational Standards?
Visiting you on-site to conduct mandatory workplace assessments
Assessing and developing you/your operatives periodically, between workplace verification procedures.
Using competent, qualified assessors and internal quality assurers, who are qualified and compliant in making judgements on installers.
Using internal and external quality assurers to ensure that quality control meets government and UKAS standards, and that there is ongoing monitoring and development practices implemented to the scheme.

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then read on.